NEW MUSIC: ‘Show Me The Way’ by Suzi Island

Long gone are the days when ‘Show Me The Way’ made you think of Amarillo. We’re not being dramatic, but you may need a health warning that Suzi Island‘s debut single will be wedged inside your head for a long time to come.

Show Me The Way features a variation throughout of both electric and acoustic sounds, perfectly executed sing-along vocals which leave you filled inside with nothing else but absolute euphoria.

19-year-old duo Suzi Island, consisting of Hugh Reilly-Smith and Matthew Carter are very much a shining example of the already impressive Brighton indie music scene. With an intro that pulls no punches and gets stuck right into the deep end of this addictive, fun and catchy release, which was produced by The Vaccines’ Pete Robertson – it sets a high standard for much more to come from this indie outfit, who are signed with their own DIY label.

With the promise of a few more releases to come before the end of the year, you’ll most likely be hooked on Suzi Island like a kid with a video game.

The music video of the single pays homage to their south coast roots as it’s set on their home turf, and was produced by Brighton Film School. [embedyt]

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