NEW MUSIC: ‘Song for Leila’ by Only Sun

Fresh from our energetic, uplifting show at The Finsbury last night which included a confetti cannon and silly string, High Wycombe five-piece Only Sun have just dropped ‘Song for Leila’ – the fifth of twelve monthly releases.

To put it bluntly, Song for Leila is one hell of a bop. These guys need to stop releasing so many bops otherwise in 50 years time I’ll be telling my (potential) grandchildren that they once played at one of our Turtle Tempo showcases.

If you look in a dictionary to find the definition of indie-rock, chances are you’ll see an image of Only Sun. Combining guitars, drums and vocals to make faultlessly epic sing-along hits that are reminiscent of the instantly recognisable likes of belters such as A-Punk, Florescent Adolescent and Let’s Dance To Joy Division.

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