5 For Friday – 20.04.18 – Blushes

Quite arguably the finest thing to come out of Aylesbury of all time – experimental, eccentric and exciting indie quartet Blushes have kindly shared with us their 5 For Friday picks this week.

The group have a plethora of musical tastes individually, including a variety of alternative sub-genres which make them collectively the perfect band, who are not afraid to branch out and make a single ever so slightly different (yet still awesome) from their last. Check out below what five bops Blushes shared as their personal faves!

TIFF: ‘Save Me From Myself’ – Christina Aguilera

Means a lot as I remember being on holiday at a family friends in America on the balcony and watching and counting the lightning strikes get progressively close. Everybody went inside other than my mum and myself and I sang this song to her really softly to calm us down and my mum was always asking me to sing it after that. It’s a beautiful song and I love Christina Aguilera.

SONNY: ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ – The Stone Roses

Where do I start!? It’s difficult to choose a favourite but this track was the beginning of my love for the Stone Roses for me & many others, the greatest album opener of all time. Every musical aspect is iconic from Manis bass line to Squires intricate guitar work, but what amazes me the most is how Ian manages to make so few lyrics connect with and stay with you forever.. 2 years ago I finally witnessed The Stone Roses live, 50,000 people together belting I WANNA BE ADOOOOOORED is still the greatest moment of my life.

BRADLEY: ‘Answer’ – Tyler, The Creator

When the album Wolf was released I remember it was around the time I finished school for year 11 and spent the whole summer going to various parties and hardly living at home and that album was more or less the soundtrack to that time, this song in particular, although a more deep song, the meaning behind it is incredible, as a fan of his from the beginning, you always hear about his hatred towards his dad who left him at a very young age but this song he opens up and says how, although he hates him, if he was to call his dad he would like to know that he would answer, when I saw him play it live in the summer of 2014 it blew me away and still to this day was one of the best gigs I have ever been to, I’ll never be bored of that song.

JACOB: ‘All New Materials’ – Periphery

This track is probably the first Periphery track I ever heard, a band that got me into producing and driving me to get better at my instruments more. It’s part of an album that is groundbreaking as much for me as it was for modern metal music in that it truly did something new with the way it sounded. For me it was mostly down to the guitarist, Misha Mansoor, and his bold, eclectic song/riff writing that creates both technical harshness and wondrous dreamy passages, as well as the bridges between. Periphery’s production and later releases have inspired and influenced almost every other major metalcore and hi-fi metal production since, raising the bar for musicianship. There’s also a big Meshuggah influence which are one of my favourite metal bands full stop and anything influenced by them is good in my books.

BAND: Walking On A Dream – Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun are an extremely underrated pop act, and walking on a dream is such a gorgeous track. Its timeless and it seems to fit every mood. It’s got this driving upbeat drum machine the whole way through, but everything else, the lyrics, guitars, synths all embody pure melancholy so well. Its perfect at the end of a sun drenched day and also in winter for those bleak wistful days. This track was also my first foray into actually liking pop music as a listener so I’m very grateful to the track for that, like it was a big warm hand taking me aside from everything else and saying ‘hey, listen, modern pop music can be great’.

You can see Blushes on Wednesday 25th April as the band headline the Sebright Arms, tickets are £6 and can be bought via. the DICE app here.

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