NEW MUSIC: ‘I Did It’ by Kitten

Although their band name might seem pretty cute at first, Kitten‘s latest music offering ‘I Did It’ is far from that. Its 80’s indie-rock style, packs a punch. Dazzling guitar melodies and a powerful vocal that nods slightly towards 80’s icon Cyndi Lauper, provide the bare bones to a track that’s going to have you up on your feet, dancing into the early hours in a hurry.

Having formed over 10 years ago in the sunny hills of LA, Kitten have been sporadically releasing music since then. The latest track from Kitten’s repertoire is their first offering since 2016 and their not holding back. It’s enigmatic instrumentalism and punchy lyrics make ‘I Did It’ an absolute joy to listen to.


‘I Did It’ is bursting with those air guitar moments as you clench a hairbrush in one hand, dancing around your bedroom like a complete maniac.

And what makes the single that little bit more special is the 80’s pop-inspired fade out. I’m not one to normally condone any kind of fade out, but like a match made in heaven ‘I Did It’ is just begging for a simple fade out, and totally gets away with it.

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