NEW MUSIC: ‘Mountain Song’ by Crooked Teeth

Born in Glasgow, but fermented in London, Crooked Teeth’s formative years spent in the two cities has had a huge impact on their music. The jagged and euphoric analogue synths add a retro tinge to an otherwise modern sound, and the band’s latest single ‘Mountain Song’ isn’t any different.

The synths and beats have their roots in electro-pop, but the vocals, with their thoughtful and reflective nature, could have been lifted from an indie anthem.

It’s difficult not to make a comparison to fellow Glaswegians Chvrches, but the similarities are plain to hear. It’s a compliment to both bands. They appear to be fighting in the same corner, standing up against the manufactured pop nonsense that still plights mainstream radio with their brand of exciting and meaningful alt-pop.

Crooked Teeth is the band you want to see at 3am. Their nocturnal buzz will provide a second wind and carry you through until sunrise. Crooked Teeth design their music for the dance floor, the sounds wrap around you like a technicolour blanket. The psychedelic effect is prominent, distorting reality like those mirrors at carnivals.

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