NEW MUSIC: ‘Too Much TV’ by Georgie

‘What would Georgie do?’ is a question that I’m consistently going to ask myself as I question if one more drink at my local pub is the best choice. The answer to this question is probably yes, but nonetheless, Mansfield’s very own, Georgie has released a self-shot video to accompany her gritty, personal track ‘Too Much TV’, that’s all about just being you, and sticking two fingers up to the establishment.

If you’re looking for something interesting to sink your teeth into – then Too Much TV is just that. The single opens with a steady drumbeat that counts in a guitar strum, which juxtaposes the overall style of the piece in just seconds.

The track holds on tightly to that DIY music culture than can get heedlessly neglected sometimes, once the labels start to get involved.

It’s personal storytelling and raspy guitar arrangement sit perfectly across its three minute and 15 second composition. It’s the perfect track to blare out through the rickety pub doors at 2am, as you stumble to get your drunk self home.

Georgie however wasn’t always destined to make music, after a stint as a professional footballer, the artist stumbled across her grandfather’s guitar and record collection, and it was from this that she went onto develop her craft, in local pubs and open mic nights, and thank god she did just that.

You can check out the music video for Too Much TV here.

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