NEW MUSIC: ‘Do It Like You Do’ by KAWALA

I know it’s only March and the British summertime is somewhat far off, but I think the winds are changing and Kawala could be bringing summer a little early this year.

Folk-esque guitar strums and an infectiously summer-led melody, allow you to envisage sun soaked beaches and ice cold beers. ‘Do It Like You Do’ is an exotic indie-pop track that’s come a few months too early. But saying that, we’re pretty damn sure that it’s still going to be doing the rounds when summer truly kicks in.

‘Do It Like You Do’ is the follow up single to the Kentish Town duo’s debut ‘Small Death’. Although the track takes a slightly different turn to what we have been greeted with by Kawala before, their natural progression is welcomed with open arms.

Speaking about their sophomore release the lads said, “The message in Do It Like You Do that we want to convey is one of encouragement in the face of a new surrounding or scenario. The best way to deal with finding yourself in a new setting is to do what you do best. We wanted to reflect this through the upbeat positive nature of the track.”

Do It like You Do has the dazzling charm, which will leave you with a feeling of exhilaration and giddiness. It’s earthy undertone and infectious instrumentalism seeps from the tracks foundations. Its exotic drum compositions and twinkling lyrics shake the joists as the tracks multiple elements intertwine in unison. Kawala have provided us with our tune of the summer and we’re pretty damn thankful for it.

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