NEW MUSIC: ‘Time’ by Old Swing

London based, four-piece indie band, Old Swing, have only gone and beautifully crafted your new favourite, driving home in the rain whilst staring out of the window song. Or train for those like myself, who don’t own a drivers licence and have actually had to brave Storm Emma. Or maybe even a silent cry in the bath, I’ll stop now.

Dreamy synths and a strong guitar kick ‘Time’ into action, before greeting us with some raspy vocals to mellow us out. The band gives us a nice and consistent beat for a dance, yet some sweet lyrics that most of us can relate too. With the upbeat pop-synths and cool-vibe, a laid-back yet hopeful indie tune has graced our ears. Expect this tune to be in running around your head for the next few days.

The unsigned band have got us waiting (maybe not so) patiently for what they’ve got to give us next. Catch them on Twitter to keep updated on upcoming news @oldswing.

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