ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Everything But The Here And Now’ by Happy Accidents

The energetic indie-punks return with their second album Everything But The Here And Now. The album sees drummer Phoebe Cross taking on more vocal responsibilities; a great move by the band. Both Cross and vocalist Rich Mandell combine well together adding a new dimension to their songs.

Recently the band shared a split video for Wait It Out and Better Plan; the former being a personal highlight from the album. Both songs are quick out of the traps and by the end of the first listen the lyrics are firmly embedded. Another highlight is Act Naturally; its upbeat tempo keeps things flowing nicely.

It can be difficult for bands in the indie and punk scenes to style their influences into something unique. Too many bands sound like carbon copies of better bands that came before them. But that’s not the case here. Happy Accidents are masters of writing infectious melodies that hook you in, plus the three-piece clearly has a bond that only true friends can possess.

They also know how to diversify their sound by striping elements at key times to create variation within their songs. Text Me When You’re Home is a fine example of this. The fluctuation between the slower verses, and switching between solo vocals and harmonies creates depth, before the guitars and drums take it up a notch, making for a powerful chorus and definitive ending. Happy Accidents are on to a winner with this album.

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