NEW MUSIC: ‘Arc’ by Yoste

Enchanting synths and atmospheric shimmers into Brisbane native Yoste’s new musical offering. ‘Arc’ is an expansive electronic track that’s dripping with tropical pop influences without the cliché mainstream filter. It’s spine-tingling instrumentalism and captivating vocals make this a go to track in those dreary winter months.

At an impressionable age of just 18, Yoste began to ponder upon the idea of meaning and freedom as he trudged through his law exams. Thankfully, from this very thought Yoste found a purpose and longing to make music.

‘To me music, comedy, art, film and photography are like spokes in a wheel, blurring together, each as necessary as the other, all at their heart trying to achieve the same thing.’ He explains in his online bio. And having said that, from listening to his new release it’s clear how Yoste views the art forms as one, ‘Arc’ has the ability to build pictures upon one’s imagination.

With intricately delicate production ‘Arc’ will leave you contemplating life’s endeavors. Harmonious female vocals float along an emotive chorus that dips and dives across the whole emotional spectrum.

There’s something cinematic and beautiful about ‘Arc’ that will leave you feeling fragile yet empowered as you come to the realisation that these life endeavors aren’t so bad after all.

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