NEW MUSIC: ‘Wake Up Freya’ by Marsicans

Written by lead singer James Newbigging about his once unborn neice Freya, Marsicans’ new single ‘Wake Up Freya’ heart-warmingly tiptoes alluringly and delicately around the promise and potential of a new life, a new story.

Possibly one of the most striking lines in this release is a pretty powerful, eye-opening message amongst the soothing harmonies; ‘Taught to measure success by digits and other menial things. Not what you learn, or the people you meet, or the joy they bring.’

The Leeds natives spoke about their new single to GigsAndFreudianslips in 2017:

“We went into the studio with an idea of how we wanted it to sound but it totally flipped on its head once we were in there. That’s the first time we’ve totally changed a song in recording, which was a great challenge for us but also a very enjoyable one.”

Our favourite The Wiggles tribute band head out on a UK headline tour in March, you can (and 100% should) get your tickets right here before they all sell out!

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