NEW MUSIC: ‘Low’ by Stevie Wolf

There’s not much on Stevie Wolf online at the moment, but we’re pretty sure that’s soon to change. What we do know is that Stevie likes doing things a little differently. Gone are the basic one-liner social media bio that sits perfectly blanketed by emoji’s; here instead is a PowerPoint presentation that introduces us to Stevie himself.

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Here we’re guided through his sound, his identity, his voice and visual inspiration. ‘I am not a brand. I’m a human being’ he says within the first slide. With such refreshing honesty not just reflected within his PowerPoint bio but in his music too, Stevie delivers yet another charming musical masterpiece.

‘Low’, Stevie’s follow up single to last years debut ‘Who’, is packed to the brim with gravelly vocals and bluesy guitar melodies. This soon changes as a snappy drumbeat interrupts a delicate first verse. Provocatively honest lyrics glide across a track that’s impeccably genuine.

Enigmatic guitar interludes enter and the track is in an uproar. It slowly withdraws once again with the next verse. ‘Low’ is an impeccable piece of music that leads the listener on an improbable journey. Its peaks and lows leave you transfixed as hair-raising instrumentalism beckons throughout its whole three minute, fifth-teen duration.

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