EP REVIEW: ‘We Can Die Happy’ by Tennis

Denver-based husband and wife pairing Tennis who tied the knot in 2009, have released what can only be described as by far the most incredible EP release of the entire year.

Patrick and Alaina kick things off with ‘No Exit’, which immediately haunts the listener with words which unfortunately have a very raw, personal reference for the duo; “we could die tonight, oh God I feel like I’m dying” – a line of the song which was written very shortly after the tragedy of the London Bridge terror attack early in 2017, where Tennis played a second night to a sold out Omeara audience, and were locked inside as innocent human beings that were simply enjoying a night out fell to the cowardice of terrorism in a close proximity outside.

’I Miss That Feeling’ makes you reminisce and groove away while Tennis send ripples of shivers down your spine, all the way through to happier times – whenever they were. Pure nostalgic bliss.

‘Diamond Rings’ may feel like a little bit of a B side on this fantastic EP, but guitarist Patrick certainly shows off some really epic guitar riffage which continuously make you bop.

We Can Die Happy is all in all a ray of sunlight. Ultimately fun, but don’t be fooled into thinking that there are no moments of intimate, raw, lyrical genius from these delightful people that go by the name of Tennis.

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