ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Tell Me What You See’ by 31hours

‘Tell Me What You See’ opens us up to a whole new era of innovative, unconventional and pleasurably odd psychedelic rock. It’s evident through the band’s 13-track debut album that 31hours have established their position between afro-pop, space rock and the accompanying electronic and folk-like genres.

The confidence and maturity that prevails throughout the album, especially since the release of their latest EP, Rockpool, is solid and makes the album that much more enjoyable.

Opening up with the album’s title track ‘Tell Me What You See’ – we’re met with a subdued and tantalizing introduction which compliments the vocals of lead singer, Jo. Compared to old EP’s, the vocals are stronger yet equanimous and carry this opening track.

The quick-paced, higher toned melody contrasting with the almost lethargic drum and bass duo is unusually satisfying, representing the quintet’s experimental sound, in an era that really needs it. The release is brought to a saccharine finish, led by the vocals.

‘Clumsy On Foot’ is a striking release on the album, starting with a guiro-like prelude into a jazz meets gentle rock melody. It’s captivating and snappy, which is a first for the band to enrapture in their lengthy releases. The bass is potent throughout, flattering the spontaneous interludes of woodwind-like melodies. The disparity of the single is the originality and eccentric lyrics. Though this is common of 31hours, this release presents their allegorical in an easily-digestible and entertaining way.

The rest of the album also falls easily under my commendations, from the much loved, fan favourite ‘Trees’ to the experimentally dark, ‘Castile’. All of my praises go to the band for their debut album, it’s anomalous, riveting and a risk well taken. Hailing from Oxfordshire, it’ll be exciting to see where 31hours takes their innovation next.

Their debut album is being released on the 17th of November, alongside an album-release show on the 26th of November at The Bullingdon Oxfordshire.

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