NEW MUSIC: ‘I Shouldn’t Have Said That’ by The Lovely Eggs


‘I Shouldn’t Have Said That’ is the spiky new single from The Lovely Eggs. The song is a reminder that the duo has been in the studio recording their next album, working with Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann.

The single is straight up punk rock and roll, with a guitar that resonates like a chainsaw and pounding drums played with the energy of a kid on a sugar high. All you need to know about this song is that it is full of raw passion and anger.

The Lovely Eggs are smashing the British underground scene, so join in the fun. This is music that rants with frustration about anything and everything. The song will leave an egg-shaped hole in your heart, which will force you to hit repeat multiple times. So, listen to this song, the louder the better.


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