5 Upcoming Bands That Broke Up And Broke My Heart

Break-ups suck in every degree, but nothing hits you harder than when a band that broke down your walls, slept in your earphones in your bed suddenly without warning call it a day for reasons which are 99% of the time unknown – here’s five splits that I’ll laugh off but inside I’ll weep over and will probably never get over.

Pleasure House – it was all going swimmingly for the Birmingham-based band – but in August this year they decided to call it a day, sources have informed us that they actually began to dislike their main banger ‘Sunrise’ which was deleted off their Spotify and recently off of their YouTube channel. They had a great sound and showed promise with early EP’s.

I guess they just got tired of it. Still, they’ve vowed to continue making music in some degree, whether that be individually or as the same band with a different name, who knows?

Likely Lads – I was listening to The Vaccines ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ on YouTube when I read a comment that Likely Lads were sick, I swiftly checked out these guys and loved their broody, no-nonsense typically Yorkshire alternative rock sound.

Whatever happened to Likely Lads? One of the band members left, they changed their identity to a new name – The Blue Dawns, and it seems that these guys are no more, or they’re having a tumbleweed of a year.

Jungle Doctors – University got in the way for these chaps, a couple of their band members set up a new band, but to make music like Jungle Doctors did would have always been impossible.

They’ll always be on my playlists but damn if only they managed to continue then I have no doubts that they would have found themselves on various festival stages.

Sons & Lovers – The break up that will haunt me forever. Well, they didn’t even break up – their last tweet actually promised new music to their then-growing fan base, after having a couple of chinwags with the guys from Eliza and the Bear, it seems that S&L lost funding in some way.

The fate of a couple members of the indie quartet is unknown, but Josh Gimber (drummer) is doing alright as a live drummer for London duo Tender, and Tim Hillier Brook (lead guitarist) and the main founder of the band is now a guitarist in Slowlights, which is formed of a couple relatives of Martin Dukelow (Eliza and the Bear lead guitarist) – I should be an investigative music journalist shouldn’t I? Just gonna live in hope that these guys get back together before I die, otherwise I’ll be spinning in my grave to ‘Set My Heart’.

I decided that I’d leave the last one to you guys… What was the break-up of all break-ups for you?



I’m sure Sam, founder of CloseUp Promotions has had his fair share too..


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