NEW MUSIC: ‘It’s Been A While’ by Normanton Street

Normanton Street expertly blend multiple styles from hip-hop, soul, disco and garage to form a natural sound that will be hard to ignore, even for the most loyal rock fans. It’s Been A While sees the band go even further beyond those styles.

The song is sun-soaked, warm and an easy listen. It is a clear example of why Normanton Street have been attracting serious attention from music press and fans over the past few years.

The band is made up of core trio Ned Archibong, Nicholson Davids and Phoebe Freya. However, they often collaborate with various other musicians for live shows – which are incredible so check out their live dates. Having already covered most of Europe and played shows in New York and SXSW in Texas, they know how to put on a good show.

Don’t overlook this band, they have a solid future ahead of them. And while Normanton Street’s music is already flawless, it is bound to become astronomical.

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