LIVE REVIEW: Cassia @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Cassia are a band that I have listened to way more than a few times over, and I was relishing the opportunity to see them live at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.

Located a short walk away from Old Street amongst a few well known venues such as the likes of Kamio – Citymapper lied and told us that it was in a different venue. Naughty Citymapper. But a short walk away to the venue, you felt a buzz of a huge audience & a full pub which was almost a sell out to witness some banging live tunes.

Tasked with kicking things off were the incredible psychedelic London/Essex-based quintet Beach For Tiger who brought the good vibes with their upbeat, happy-go-lucky trumpet driven beats.

Between sets, you had the chance to listen to music from Royal Blood and The Amazons. It was brilliant interval music, which feels like a cheeky throwback to the time The Amazons headlined the first ever Turtle Tempo curated show on Halloween 2016.

I must admit that I came with minimal expectation that Deco would be simply alright, and my mind was blown away as I was seriously loving their music. I was jumping around having the time of my life. One of the best support bands I’ve witnessed so far this year. If you simply listen to these guys via. Spotify, then you are not getting the full package.

Their energetic live shows are honestly incredible – if not already, surely sooner than later, and with a couple of more releases, these guys will be more than capable of headlining a plethora of independent venues with their anthemic sound.

Despite a minor glitch early on with one of their songs, they resumed and brought the house down, not even kidding. You should relish the opportunity to see Deco play live. They’re the kind of chaps that will give you one helluva party.

It felt like a sweaty sell-out like the majority of their other upcoming tour dates are, Cassia I would happily see live 100 times over and I would still be buzzing. They were incredible, I’ve been to a shitload of gigs so far this year but I’d say the trio in Cassia would very much be in my top 3.

They make you reminisce of Two Door Cinema Club (before they changed their style and started making awful pop music) but in all truth, to compare these guys to TDCC would be an insult as their sound is nothing short of original and insanely good.

It was sweaty and I had one of the best nights of my life. ‘Weekender’ got a notably huge reception. Finishing on their most popular release to date ‘100 Times Over’, which the adoring audience belted the words to back to the band without fail, before coming off to an encore and ending on sing-along single Red Wine, an unreleased banger. Destined for greatness these Macclesfield lads, who have a new release on the way on 26th October with ‘Out of Her Mind’ – the second track listed on their upcoming ‘Movers & Shapers’ EP.

10/10 night. Special thanks to the guys over at Scruff Of The Neck for organising a superb indie/alternative night and also Cassia for having us!

Photography by our very own snapping turtle Emma Silverstone © – Pics here

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