NEW MUSIC: ‘Trees’ by Tuvaband

Tuvaband – a Norwegian-English folk duo, have sneaked into our hearts with wonderful calm melodies and amazing use of voice timber and guitar. Their new single ‘Trees’ is no exception, but also has a surprising effect.

The song seems to be deeper and has somehow more of nostalgic energy to it. It is captivating and makes you, if not hum along, think along. It still keeps the same style and same elements as their previous pieces, but also adds something extra, making it a good introduction to their style. As the fall is here, Trees can be considered a perfect autumn hymn.

The band are heading to London soon as they promote their upcoming EP. Tuvaband have two shows coming up this month with a Rough Trade In-Store show on 27th October, followed by a set at Mirrors Festival on 28th October.

We recently attended VillVillVest in Bergen, Norway – where they put on a wonderful show – we highly recommend you to give these guys a listen.

‘Trees’ is available for listening both on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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