NEW MUSIC: ‘Hangup Blues’ by Wake Child

Wake Child is a band that demonstrates serious potential. The band’s members trained at the famous Berklee College of Music, but Wake Child’s roots are solely improvisational. So far, the band have said they will only be releasing singles. But hopefully, that will change soon. Because if the rest of their music is as exciting as latest single ‘Hangup Blues’ then an album would be very welcomed.

‘Hangup Blues’ blends futuristic sound and nostalgia in the form of blues lyrics, spacious guitars and harmonised choruses while being held together with a jazz-soul cement. Making Wake Child an inclusive, eclectic listen. The band draw influences from artists like The Wrecking Crew, Kid Cudi and Paul Simon. We suspect that there is a much longer list of influences, but the three listed can all be heard somewhere on ‘Hangup Blues.’

The vocals are passionate and natural; the words slipping from vocalist Danny Silberstein’s tongue. While the rest of the ensemble swirls around like a galaxy in its infancy. The song has a cinematic quality that would make it a perfect inclusion for a movie or TV soundtrack. And I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before that is the case.

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