NEW MUSIC: ‘Babe’ by Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams has just released new single ‘Babe’, and where it lacks in length – it makes up with maximum lyrical meaning.

Her latest release, which is less than 2 minutes long, shows another edge to the soloist, this one’s a lot more emotional, darker and fittingly stripped back than what you’d usually expect from the upbeat solo musician.

Jerry has been touted by various online outlets as a ‘feminine Ed Sheeran’ as well as ‘a female Alex Turner’, well we’re here to throw our hat in the ring, to quash those flattering comparisons and say that it’s pretty obvious that Ed & Alex are both just a Poundland version of Jerry Williams. (Other discount shops are available!)

But seriously, this starlet has undoubtedly Sheeran-esc qualities in songwriting and creating fun, memorable riffs. Potential is an annoying, completely over-used word to throw around but JW is certainly original and a breath of fresh air on the singer-songwriter scene. You should expect to hear a lot more from this one.

Check out Jerry’s 5 For Friday picks right HERE – you should do, because you’re gorgeous & I’d do anything for you.

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