NEW MUSIC: ‘Hypnotize’ by Rén With The Mane

Renée Orshan might have ditched her moniker RÉN, but she’s returned with a new one in Rén with the Mane – and the Brooklyn-based soloist is back with a bang too in ‘Hypnotize’.

Over a year after releasing sing-along, upbeat ‘Into The Unknown’, Rén with the Mane brings us a slightly shady, enthralling dark-pop hit which is reminiscent of Lorde. One might suggest that the change of name signals a dramatic change in style?

Speaking about the meaning of her new release to Atwood Mag, Rén with the Mane said: “‘Hypnotize’ is about the manipulation games one plays in order to get the person they want. Friends always say they ‘hate the game,’ and yet whenever their flings have that push and pull factor, I see them swoon. Wouldn’t it be nice it we didn’t have to work so hard for the lady or gent we admired, and could just put them under some sort of spell?”

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