ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Waiting On The Sun’ by Jule Vera

Jule Vera isn’t your usual Alabama band. There’s no slide guitar or bluesy riffs here. Instead, the quintet has looked out into the world for inspiration, settling on a sound that is unmistakably pop. Imagine if Taylor Swift and Paramore teamed up, then Jule Vera would be the result.

This comparison is best heard on songs Something Good and 10000 Hours. However, opening track Show Me is electro-pop through and through. It’s refreshing to hear a band that has a traditional rock set-up (drums, guitar, singer etc) but approaches making music differently.

Waiting On The Sun has something for everyone. The lyrics are thought-provoking and well written, the synths and keys provide danceable hooks and melodies, and there is also the odd guitar solo thrown in. And the guitar riffs are a constant in the song Lifeline, too.


Porch Swing is full of nostalgia, as it looks back to a simpler time. The song is more striped back then the rest of the album, with the acoustic guitar and vocals taking centre stage.

The album is packed full of gems. Every song gives way to another little surprise, as the album gets better with every song. The album is out now, so go get a copy! Find out more details here.

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