LIVE REVIEW: Eliza and the Bear @ Camden Assembly

It’s been a long old time since I first saw Eliza and the Bear in Canterbury, alongside my favourite band at the time – Sons & Lovers, over more than three years ago.

Well, whilst Sons & Lovers dissolved into nothingness shortly after a tweet promising new music – Eliza and the Bear have gone from strength to strength, over a year since releasing their delightful debut album they released new single ‘Higher’ an equally delightful jazzy tune.

Since releasing their self-titled debut album, they’ve been pretty quiet in all truth, finding themselves somewhat out of the spotlight and writing away on new material.

Lead-vocalist and guitarist James Kelleher spoke of his gratitude to the sold-out Camden Assembly for selling out the intimate venue in less than a day, despite the band’s short hiatus. Armed with a nice new capo after having it nicked the night before in Manchester. Rock ‘n roll.

EATB played a couple of new pieces in quick succession, a f**king banger in ‘Hell’, where the quintet discuss how they’d like to go to pits of hell as all their favourite people will probably be down there. They also played another little bit of a banger which I can’t remember the name of! Something about New York. It was still great though.

They finished with one of their stand-out pieces – ‘Friends’ in sublime style, alongside a couple of stage-invaders and selfie-eager fans.

It’s worth pointing out that the first song that Eliza and the Bear recorded together was in their drummer Paul’s bedroom; and from that day, they probably didn’t exactly have much ambition of playing shows at Wembley and various festival stages together; however they ooze stage presence like it’s honey, their personalities shine through and they manage to set everyone’s hearts on fire.

With a second album surely on the way at some point next year and a tour towards the end of the 2017. Can’t wait!

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