Heavily influenced by the occult and astrology, MORGAN is a London-based evocative new singer-songwriter who emerged with her debut single ‘Alone’ last month.

Produced by Steven Cowely (who has previously worked alongside the likes of Lana Del Rey and Charlotte OC), Alone has an overall dark and chimerical feel, allowing you to get lost within its electrifying yet calming atmosphere as it explores an array of elements typical of 80’s pop music. Alongside this, MORGAN’s soulful and honest vocal emphasises upon the oppressive yet truthful lyrics which are portrayed- “when you realise you’re alone it gets easier”.

When we got in touch with MORGAN she was able to give us an insight into her writing process and the story/meaning behind her latest release.

The process came about one day when reality hit that we are alone. The meaning of that fact sank in but it was a comfort in knowing that I am alone – we are alone – in the world. As a physical entity (a human being) we go through life on our own but we have moments or people that allow us to feel connected and whole… The song is basically about this.

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