EP REVIEW: “Rhinoceros” by Rye Milligan

We’re kickstarting your summer with an EP released just a month ago. “Rhinoceros“, a four track EP written and composed by Rye Milligan offers a whole composition of varying sounds and genres, each track more captivating than the other.

From Wales, but currently based in London and a member of Luna Bay, Milligan is no stranger to music production. From the early age of just eleven years old, Rye Milligan caught the attention of fans at the Glastonbury festival, and has since then continued to find his signature sound.

“Rhinoceros” starts off with its first track “Get Out Girl“. The track has a funky, almost tribal, synthetic beat. It gives the ultimate balance of energising and relaxing the listener. The song gives the story of two opposing forces, but the two vocals are sung in such harmony, especially during the last quarter of the song when they overlay and are sung simultaneously.

The next track on the EP is “Don’t Go“. Rye Milligan truly emphasises his skill in varying the intensity of his vocals to focus emotion and energy on certain words, particularly in the very beginning of the track. The synthetic chorus melts into a bluesy tune, a transition I first experienced with this track and immediately fell in love with. This track is followed by “This is Love“. In this track, Milligan achieves creating a beautiful tune with minimal sounds, preferring quality over quantity. By choosing only certain sounds, the listener isn’t distracted by any background noises, and creates a smooth, calming, yet upbeat tune.

The last track on the EP is “Grounded“. “Take what’s left of my mind…and just remember, I am yours and you are mine,” With lyrics like this and a lulling sound, this final track quickly became my favorite. The song may be five minutes long, but once it ends, it’s replayed automatically, making me feel as though I couldn’t get enough of the sound Milligan creates, especially near the end of “Grounded” with the resonating sounds and vocals.

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