LIVE REVIEW: Dodie @ The Great Escape

Let’s set the scene – it’s the last day of The Great Escape festival, I’m tired, a lil bit hungover and am ready to sleep for about a week but what better way to embrace this exhaustion with the wonderful Dodie Clark?

Performing live outside on the Vevo stage with the sun shining down, a large crowd formed to see her put us at peace for thirty minutes. She opened the set with track Sick of losing soulmates which appeared on her recent EP Intertwined. There was a mixture of people who had come down to the stage at 6:30 that evening, some fans off her online channels, others not but the silence that formed with every song she performed meant that she had us all in the palms of her hands. Despite the sad and empowering nature the majority of her songs carry, the reaction at the end of each one clarified that we were in full support.

Her personality came flooding through in between tracks whilst she talked in between tuning instruments, bringing strings on stage and explaining the meanings behind the lyrics, making us fall in love with her that little bit more. It’s so refreshing to see a girl with a guitar giving us something so different that I’m struggling to compare her to anyone else I saw live during the event.

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