We spoke to Liverpool-based We Were Glue shortly after their funky new single ‘Birthday’ received airplay on E4’s Made In Chelsea.

We Were Glue – an aptly named quartet who were pretty ironically briefly known as Glue, consists of Michael, Elliott, Jonty and Angus. Their latest release ‘Birthday’ was written by Michael after his girlfriend forgot his birthday.

You guys have been going for a couple of years now, but how did We Were Glue come about? Was it always the plan to become a band?

I’m pretty sure before meeting we all wanted to be musicians and play in a band, then we met in class at uni, got doing some covers for fun, Michael wrote a song and we went from there. Now we are all best buds which is nice, so it rather started as a band that became mates than mates who became a band.

Where was the first gig you played together?

The Zanzibar in Liverpool for our university end of year assessment. Gosh we were so bad it was amazing, but mateys pulled through and watched us and it was quite fun so we went with it. Always a good turn out for them gigs considering they were essentially exams, good times.

What was it like to hear your music played on TV?

Pretty bloody weird. We were mid-conversation when it came on, cause we couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on with the show, it’s proper different. So it was a bit like ‘oh well would you look at that, my girl is on the television i must call my mum and tell her what has happened’.

If you had to describe your music in three words, what would it be?

Rousing indie tunes

If you could support any artist/band in the world, who would it be?

(Jonty speaking) I’m sure there’s bands i’ve forgotten about, but at the minute I’m quite excited by Cabbage. Me and our pal Nick saw them at Festevol Gardens a couple weekends ago and their sound just blew off, the crowd was mad for it, and it was just all so well put together as a performance. But above that we really wanna be on Soccer AM, it looks well good with all the football games and nice conversations.

I think it’s fair to say Michael’s girlfriend won’t forget his birthday anytime soon! Has she heard ‘Birthday’ yet?

We accidentally put it on public on soundcloud a few weeks early for a bit, so she heard it then, which was very naughty.

Any last words?

If you wanna dance but can’t cause no one else is dancing, be the first to dance. Also don’t play football by the road, unless you are in exceptional circumstances like where you’ve managed to accurately predict an hour break in traffic, or if all the cars in the world aren’t working for the afternoon.

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