NEW MUSIC: “Carousel” by A Blaze of Feather

A name that has been raising eyebrows across the UK lately is A Blaze of Feather – appearing on a variety of festival billings despite having no music available. Ben Howard even cryptically tweeted the name to send music lovers into a meltdown. In fact, a Reddit thread was even started to guess who this mysterious artist/band was.

A Blaze of Feather have finally broken their silence, releasing their debut single ‘Carousel’.

The mystery identities of the group has been solved though. The band consists of lead singer Mickey Smith, the backing vocals of singer-songwriter Ben Howard, Nat Wason, India Bourne, Kyle Keegan and Richie Thomas.

The band’s debut EP ‘EP1’, which was mostly recorded in a shed in Ireland – is set to be released on 5th May.

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