INTERVIEW: Trudy and The Romance

Before the start of their headline tour, starting in the Heebie Jeebie’s alternative basement, EBGBS, I sat down with Brad, Olly and Lew of Trudy and The Romance, talking about rum and coke, original lager and the Sandman.

So, what was the origin of the the name, Trudy and The Romance?

Olly: Well, it was Trudy before and that’s just like some 50’s girls name really. And then we got sued by a band from the 80’s called The Trudy. And then we just had to think of a name. So we had, Trudy and The Romantics and then Trudy Baby and The Bang Bang Sharks, which kinda stuck in your head which was the strange thing about it. And then we had Trudy and The Moon Sharks, but Trudy and The Romance that’s just a bit of an 80’s name.

Brad: It’s kind of all encompassing what we’re about.

Olly: Yeah, it’s like we’re Trudy and everything else is The Romance.

I know you guys are from Leeds so, how come you moved to Liverpool?

Brad: I moved here for uni basically, 3 years ago; nearly 4 years ago. And then these guys kind of joined me.

Olly: We finished in Leeds and we’re kind of acting like we’re still at uni. We kind of found a new crew that’s still doing it. And I knew Brad from home and Chesterfield, so we headed over.

Brad: And we love Liverpool, it’s a sick city.

How did you guys meet and form the band?

Olly: Well, me and Lewis got together in Leeds and then we just picked up Brad and we’ve been together for like 2 years now.

What is your favourite thing about being in Trudy and The Romance?

Lew: The money, haha.

Brad: I’d say the gigs and running the Twitter account.

Lew: Yeah that is good, that is good.

Who are your main influences?

Olly: We’re into really different stuff but we do kinda meet in the middle at like the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jonathan Richman.

Brad: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys.

Lew: Richard Hawley, Frank Sinatra.

Brad: Yeah, just old stuff. Old soul, Northern soul.

Favourite song to play live?

Lew: I’ve got one. I think my favourite is My Baby’s Gone Away.

Olly: It’s where Lew really bobs his bass like kind of swings it. And if he’s to my right, then he nearly knocks me out.

Jade: What was really memorable for me, when I first saw you support The Big Moon, was your [Olly’s] dancing and Lew just getting into it, playing bass.

Olly: Oh my dancing? Yeah, it’s like little cocaine legs or something haha.

Favourite venue to play?

Brad: Easy, Brudenell.

Olly: Brudenell, yeah. There’s a venue in Leeds called The Brudenell Social Club. It’s really cool.

Lew: Kazimier was good though.

Brad: Yeah, Kazimier was sick actually.

A song you’re obsessed with at the minute?

Olly: That new Tops song.

Brad: Tops. There’s a song called Petals by Tops, yeah. That’s sick. I’m really obsessed with Jonathan Richman, his latest album and there’s a song called, ‘Oh, How Different We All Are’. It’s so cool.

Olly: He’s in like his 60’s

Brad: Yeah he’s in like his late 60’s and he like the coolest guy ever.

What’s your go-to drink on a night out?

Olly: Whatever’s cheapest, haha.

Lew: Original lager!

Brad: Yeah original lager or Old J Spiced Rum with Coke. It’s beautiful.

Olly: Yeah, when you hit the spirits it’s like, rum and coke.

And finally, are there any upcoming releases or surprises?

Olly: Well we’re recording an album, writing it. I remember saying that to someone before and they were like, “Well that’s a boring answer.” But I think that’s really exciting for us. Like if we actually had an album on shelves, that would be pretty amazing.

Brad: Before that, we’ve got an EP though coming out, we don’t know when though; called Junkyard Jazz.

Olly: Also, the album’s about the Sandman, the character, the Sandman. It’s all coming out!


Trudy and The Romance new single Sandman is available to buy from iTunes and listen to on Spotify.  Dates for the rest of their UK tour can be found below:

23 March EBGB’s, Liverpool, UK

28 March Gulliver’s, Manchester, UK

29 March Broadcast, Glasgow, UK

30 March Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield, UK

6 April Club Underground, Newcastle, UK

8 April Flying Vinyl Festival, London, UK

13 April Moles, Bath, UK

14 April The Joker, Brighton, UK

15 April The Cellar, Oxford, UK

30 April FestEVOL Gardens, Liverpool, UK

2 May The Polar Bear, Hull, UK

4 May Shacklewell Arms, London, UK

5 May Olby’s, Margate, UK


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