ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Landmark’ by Hippo Campus

I actually only discovered Minnesota-based Hippo Campus through finding out Marsicans were heading on a tour with them earlier this year, and wow I’m pretty glad that the mighty Yorkshire foursome did. The brand new 13-track album ‘landmark’ is a celebration of complete summer-pop goodness from start to finish.

‘Sun Veins’ introduces us into my very personal favourite track from the album ‘Way it Goes’ in effortless fashion.

You can listen to a live performance of Hippo Campus’ brand new album right here:


As Marsicans’ guitarist Oliver Jameson Instagrammed recently, the album is a solid “10/10”. Your ears will undoubtedly adore every track on the album from Hippo Campus, who are seriously one of the coolest live acts you will ever witness, whether it be in the UK or back in America, they know how to keep their fans on their toes and clapping like seals to their pleasant, upbeat music that their brand new album is completely filled of, especially in ‘Simple Season’ – it’s the kind of single that if you hadn’t heard of the quartet ever before, – it seems to sum up the vibe that the band’s music consistently creates.

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