INTRODUCING: The Watanabes

If you ever feel like you want to be transported into an alternate space through music, then The Wantanabes are for you.

The duo are based in Japan and have been playing their music to a variety of audiences there for the past twelve years and are now reaching out to their home crowd in the UK.

I’ll admit, when first hearing the name The Watanabes I was unsure of what to expect, which kind of made it all the more exciting to listen to their music. Of course I started off with their most recent track Tonight before moving onto their whole EP Spoiled and Nostalgic, from the first note I was hooked. Tonight starts with a soft repetitive guitar before the joint harmonies come in; there’s such a unique feel to their music, making it feel like it was written for you alone.

As I sat in my dimly lit room with nothing but my notepad and pen, it felt as though I was the only one listening and even though I knew that was nowhere near true, I was given an overwhelming sense of understanding. The lyrics, the harmonies and the guitar open up your heart and suddenly I found myself feeling so many different emotions, it became a real way to open up to myself.

Indie folk is a genre I admittedly haven’t paid much attention towards in the past but the gentle movements that they create throughout their music allowed my imagination to grow and develop beyond the boundaries that I had previously created for myself. It’s always a pleasure to find songwriters who can make you feel so many things in a positive way, too many artists like to focus on the negatives nowadays so this is truly refreshing. I predict huge things for these guys over here, there’s no one else like them about at the moment and I would jump on any chance there was to see how they maintain this power live.

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  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful and generous review! Thanks so much Louise. Hopefully we’ll come back home and play soon. Or if you’re ever in Tokyo… 😉 Best wishes from Japan! Duncan

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