Ever felt lost in a sea of millennials, all grouped onto the same bandwagon with the same ideas our generation call ideals? Ever wished you could find a genuine music artist that is brave enough to tackle these struggles of the society and macroculture we live in?

Welsh artist Geraint Rhys is defined as a “political artist”, and at first, I was somewhat confused by what that meant. It was until I listened to his music, especially his song “The Lost Generation” that I truly understood the meaning. Rhys uses his music to address our generation’s struggles and progresses, and to influence his listeners in the same way Bob Dylan and The Police did.

Not only is Rhys politically and socially aware, but he is incredibly skilled in music! In both each of his tracks, it is fantastic how Rhys takes advantage of his skillful voice to create vocals in a way that in turn adds to the rhythm.

Geraint Rhys doesn’t limit himself to any one single genre. Tracks like “Take Your Time” are reggae, a genre very fitting and appropriate to his theme his music revolves around. Check out his song “The Lost Generation” above for a great combination of catchy music and a word of wisdom from Rhys himself.

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