NEW MUSIC: “A Glimpse of Light” by Moz5a

Lithuanian born producer Moz5a released his latest EP “A Glimpse of Light” late November. It holds two electronic songs that have the power to transport its listener into an alternative space.

The first song on the EP is called “Hanging On” and is around four minutes of total bliss. It begins its journey with a repetitive yet soft keyboard section before the similarly soft vocals begin. Likewise the lyrics are very repetitive and as the song goes on, more sounds begin to get introduced. We have what appears to be clicking and splashing before it returns to its simple state towards the abrupt ending. The long instrumental periods make us feel calm and relaxed and we are left hanging on to the next lyrical break. It is of no surprise that this is their third number one track on the Trackitdown Top 100 Electronica.

Second track “Tunnel” follows on from the previous track perfectly. It is well put together and begins with a smooth yet fast paced beat which makes us anticipate where the song will take us. It gradually gets faster and we feel like we are travelling through a tunnel at speed, like the name suggests. At the end we hear a crackling and then silence as though our journey has come to an end. Unlike the first song it has no lyrics but is just as powerful if not more so.

The EP is a work of art and Moz5a knows exactly how to make his audience feel something. It’s like the two songs take us on a journey that is all too short and we can only predict big things for the following year for this Cambridge-based artist. It’s the kind of music that could captivate both an individual or a large crowd at a club and have the same effect – it is rare to find music with such power.

You can have a listen for yourselves here:

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