A chat with Marsicans

We were absolutely thrilled to get the chance to have a chat with Marsicans’ lead singer and guitarist James Newbigging about life in Yorkshire, turtles, and everything they get up to in their spare time.

You’re travelling all over the UK right now on your Absence tour, but what’s the best thing about living in Yorkshire?

Probably the people. You meet some absolute characters and some of our chance encounters have actually inspired some of our music/lyrics. The people here just seem to leave a lasting impression, be it good or bad!

Being Turtle Tempo, we can’t not speak about Terrapin, one of your early singles; what’s the message behind it?

The whole song is essentially a metaphor for being scared of commitment in life. It can be applied to a number of themes but it was actually written at a time where the thought of a relationship scared the hell out of me; the thought that you’re not good enough for someone, coupled with the thought that you’re going to mess it up even if you do try.

If you had a turtle what would you call it? Something English?

I think I’d actually go for a French name. Probably Pierre Citron in homage to my recently smashed (lemon yellow) watch. Me and Pierre Citron had a short whirlwind romance so it would be a delight for my watch to live on through my turtle.

If you could play at any place in the world where would it be?

Whenever I answer this I always end up inadvertently listing most countries in the world, so I’ll go for a more specific approach this time. It’s always been a dream of mine to appear on Jools Holland. Also, it would be pretty cool to headline Leeds and Reading festivals. We’ve been going since we were 15 so it’s kind of like ‘home’ in some ways.

You meet a guy called Derek, he has never heard of your music before, why should he check you out?

Because Derek has a great taste in music and, if he does check us out, I’ll make him a BLT on fresh ciabatta (with or without mayo – his choice).

Away from music, what do you guys get up to?

We attempt a number of things in our spare time; skateboarding, photography, and learning Japanese to name a few. Some are more successful than others, but “as long as you try your best” as the teachers used to say…

Any last words?

Enjoy your day and thanks for caring about our music. Lots of love, Marsicans X


Check out Marsicans’ upcoming tour dates below:
  • 28 Oct – Liverpool, The Magnet
  • 04 Nov – Chester, Telford’s Warehouse
  • 10 Nov – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
  • 11 Nov – Glasgow, Old Hairdresser’s
  • 12 Nov – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele

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