Oh Wonder @ The Roundhouse, London (13/09/16)

A sold out Roundhouse gathered in Camden, London on a humid Tuesday evening to see Oh Wonder – consisting of south-east Londoners Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West.

The pair kicked off their set with the emotionally raw and hugely captivating “All We Do”.

The duo came back home for a short break after already performing at a countless amount of places all over the globe so far this year, before jetting off again on the second leg of their jam-packed worldwide tour which will cover all over the United States, very fittingly, we were treated to a brand new song called “My Friends” which they dedicated to their friends & family that they don’t get to spend much time with when they’re away on tour.

Oh Wonder left to a standing ovation and rapturous applause from their adoring public after finishing off their headline show with my own personal favourite – as well as my first ever Oh Wonder discovery early in 2015 on SoundCloud in “Techinicolour Beat”.

Their faultless music made up for the fact I was dripping like an egg sandwich throughout, although with thousands of Oh Wonder fans whirling in awe under one roof you really don’t need air conditioning to get any cooler than that.

But still, it’s a good job that I use Lynx. *Other brands of anti-perspirants are available*

If you ever get the opportunity to see Oh Wonder live, you have to go and see them – no excuses.

“I’ve always dreamt of playing a show at the Roundhouse and last night was the night. Our 1st album has taken us to all the corners of the world, but there’s something so special about coming home and playing a show to the people of your city.”  

— Anthony West via. Instagram (@antwestmusic)

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  1. Saw them live earlier this year. Oh Wonder are amazing live!

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