‘Earthquake’ by For The Girl

We can’t get enough of For the Girl, and for a good reason, too! We’ve interviewed them as well as reviewed their “Where Did Time Go“, as well as conducted a full EP review! With how impressed I was with their content, I was more than happy to take a look at their song “Earthquake”.

Earthquake will be a quick favourite of The Strokes fans, with its catchy upbeat tune. As for the video, I loved the humorous introduction noting how the music video was created by themselves, making a perfect montage of various clips of the band members, each more joyous and funnier than the other. It really creates a sense of intimacy between the band and their listeners that they’ve shared their best moments with them to see. There were also a few clips of the members getting tattoos of their band name or the Shark Attack EP icon, proving their dedication and loyalty to their work.

With such a busy and work filled summer this year, For the Girl has captured the attention of a vast audience, and we hope they’ll follow up the very high standard they themselves have created this autumn as well.

Catch them the 21st of September in London at The Slaughtered Lamb supporting Only Shadows!

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