INTRODUCING: Oliver Has A Band

Oliver Has a Band are an upcoming lo-fi surf rock band from London. Hailing earlier this year they have released their first single ‘Every Other Lie’ which has been written to cure your post-summer blues come September; when we all venture back into our coats and blankets, drinking coffee next to the fire place days.

For a first release from this band, it’s clear that they have a vivid image of where they want to take their sound, combining the California soft rock theme with ‘vibes of classic British song writing’; which is a promising engagement. The opening of ‘Every Other Lie’ has the nostalgic crashing of the ocean before a sweet drum beat comes and introduces the song. The vocals aren’t particularly unique to have audiences tripping over, but the vocal scale is good and really compliments the genre of the band. The lyrics themselves have a great theme and will definitely reach out to a wide variety of people; and I will happily agree with Oliver Has a Band when they say they’ve taken us through a ‘harmonic journey’ with this song.

When comparing this genre of band to the likes of popular and much loved Californian Rock bands such as ‘The Beach Boys’, it’s clear they aren’t up for capturing the earlier definition of lo-fi surf rock music with the upbeat guitar/drums riffs and harmonic backing vocals. But, having combined the British sound writing idea and the more melancholy side of rock music, Oliver Has a Band could be introducing an entirely new sound to summer reminiscing.

Maybe not truly embodying my post-summer blues, it still takes my mind to another place and brings a new, fresh look of the genre onto the scene for many others to appreciate. I hope this band continues to explore and produce more music and can finally find a sound that they are secure and in love with.

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  1. I really like this, i have never heard of them befor

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