NEW MUSIC: ‘Speak’ by High Tyde

High Tyde are back with fresh new hit! 

It’s safe to say the band have released a banger of a tune. The song is called ‘Speak’ and it is pretty wicked. It consists of Cody’s pitch-perfect vocals along with Spencer and Connor tearing it up on the guitar. Louis always sets the bar high on the drums filling in the song nicely.

The song was first played on Annie Mac’s BBC R1 show on Wednesday and it certainly brings the energy that High Tyde fans have been waiting for. As well as slaying in the recording studio, live shows from the band never fail to leave the audience on a high and the atmosphere is absolutely mental.

The boys are back out on tour in October/November and it’s gonna be massive so don’t miss out, join the party!

Tickets are available here.

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