LIVE REVIEW: Ocean Alley @ The Winchester, Bournemouth

The Winchester, Bournemouth was the back drop to the festival shop chic sound that Aussie band Ocean Ally provided.

Making us feel transported from the British seaside town of Bournemouth to bobbing around in central Sydney, Ocean Alley did not disappoint. Despite lead singer Baden Donegal struggling to speak during the set and handing over vocals to Keyboard player Lach Galbraith the gig remained tight and the minor glitch did not stand in the way of the bobbing of the crowd. All soaking up the psych- reggae sunshine.

The band’s set was rammed with strong group glittery  instrumentals that allowed each and every members beach bleached hair to dance along to the music as if trained. Avoiding the risk of sometimes a reggae band being a little on the cheesy side, Ocean Alley managed to fuse together a 21st century twist on the genre. But vocals remaining fiercely loyal to reggae. If it was ever possible to trap summer into a song. I feel Ocean Alley may be behind it.

Impressive back drops and the aid of a huge fan to avoid the crowd melting and allowing the sound to wash over them in waves.

Despite one of Britain hottest days of the year fading into night time there is probably no better band to keep the sunshine and summer feel up that this six piece! Beaming threw every baseline and chorus the band floating threw a fantastically uplifting set.

Although the venue may of been small this band are on the way to something big! Anyone of a Sticky Fingers and Tame Impala persuasion? Be sure to add Ocean Alley to your BBQ playlist and I challenge anyone to fight the urge to leap up and skip around!

Check out the band’s Facebook.


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