LIVE REVIEW: The 1975 @ Wireless Festival (08/07/2016)

An incredible set from the chart-topping band who set the Wireless crowd into a mad frenzy when playing a jam packed hour long set of their best hits.

Wireless, which is a weekend long festival held annually at Finsbury Park, London, is not often known to have indie pop bands such as The 1975 performing, so this was a massive treat for fans like myself attending Wireless.

The 1975’s set began in fantastic fashion with their brilliant intro using the large monitor behind the band as a visual before smashing into the fans favourite ‘Love Me’. Straight from the first line fans were glued to the bands every word and movement.

Next up was my personal favourite song to hear live, ‘UGH!’ with groovy beats and Matty’s brilliant vocals, it made sure it was a real hit that had myself and many others singing at the top of their voices. It’s certainly the perfect festival song.

After an out of this world opening, the band went into play two old hits the first being ‘Heart Out’ a consistent favourite of the band’s that has always made its way into their set list ever since the first album. The biggest shock for fans was when they followed this with the peach ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’ which gained an absolutely killer reception from fans who had seen this band grow from the beginning.

Following this, the guys completed their usual festival set, similar to their Glastonbury set. Which included ‘She’s American’ which I must say is an incredibly underrated song! The fantastic ballad ‘A Change Of Heart’ which had fans across the festival in tears and ‘Loving Someone’ which showed real emotion through Matty’s performance of the hit.

‘Somebody Else’ was another favourite of mine from The 1975’s live set which was fantastic in a festival atmosphere and was very fitting to be played on the day of the new music video release of this hit.

The 1975 then went into their last handful of songs in typical fashion beginning with the festival hit ‘You’, a well known fans favourite ‘Girls’ before bringing out the Gospel backing singers to end the set with ‘If I Believe You’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘The Sound’ which gained a brilliant reception and atmosphere amongst the crowd.

This really was a killer set from The 1975; to be honest could you really expect any less from them?!


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