EP REVIEW: From The Cave

London-based band, From the Cave, have recently released their self titled EP. From what I’ve seen, the band is working very hard on their progress in the music industry, and that work is paying off!

The EP is composed of five relatively different songs. When I first heard Nighthawk, I was instantly impressed with its serious vibe and dark undertones. It’s bluesy rock tunes made it a superbly classy tune.

Television provides listeners with a more funky and upbeat sound. The guitar solo? Epic. The track ends with a mesmerizing compilation of sounds that you’ll be sure to love if you’re into Led Zeppelin.

From the Cave caters to all your music needs, so if you’re searching for a more edgier tune, check out Live Your Life. This track tells listeners to carpe the ever living diem out of their lives, and, like Television, ends with a very different spectrum of sounds, but just as enjoyable none the less.

Trains is the most mellow track on the EP. The combination and juxtaposition of both male and female vocals make its sound so rich. Around the chorus, the vocals will give you serious chills.

The EP ends with a track titled Hope. It starts off a bit dark, but builds into a more vibrant and beautiful chorus as the word hope is brought up. Brilliant.

You can hear and purchase the full EP here.

For the Cave also have a Kickstarter project to help raise money to record their next song, as well as film its music video, so help out a growing band and pitch in here.

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