INTERVIEW: The Icarus Account

The Icarus Account, a two-brother band formed of twins Trey and Ty Turner, have released their latest album Over the Moon. The two have always achieved creating such beautiful, moving tracks for quite some time now, and their rise in popularity is sky rocketing.

If you’re into music that gives you goosebumps and feelings you never thought you had, you’ll want to check out this album. What you’ll find perfect about it is that every track offers you a complete different sound, atmosphere and meaning, making it a beautiful compilation for whatever you’re feeling that day.

You’ve got tracks that are more fun and “feel good” like Cherry Street, and tracks more reminiscing like Chicago, Not Coming Home and Only You (which is more bluesy). The track Over the Moon has a more ambient and colorful music scheme, showing that the Turners know what to add to their tracks and where to add the right things to make them so much more relatable and heartfelt. It’s so difficult to pick a favorite off the album!

Luckily, they were kind enough to answer a few questions regarding their music and their new album:

What’s it like working with your brother?

Working with your own brother can be challenging, but it can also be super fun! I think the hardest thing can be trying to stay professional by actually having meetings and talking business as opposed to just hanging out. Also, we do fight from time to time (though not that much). The positives are that we have a very natural chemistry both on and off stage and when we do fight, we know how to resolve things. Fighting isn’t something that is new to us so we aren’t afraid to just tell one another how we feel and maybe throw a few verbal (or real) punches and then move on.

Do you and your brother listen to the same music?

We listen to a lot of the same music, but we also have a lot of our own tastes. Ty was always a little more experimental with music growing up and would often find a lot of different music, rap, hardcore, punk whereas I was always a little more mellow with my tastes. Now that we are in an acoustic band we obviously both try to keep up with the singer/songwriter genre to see what is out there and what other artists are doing with their writing and production but we also branch out as well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We draw a lot of our inspiration from our friends and family. We have a very close family, so a lot of our songs come directly from situations that happened to us or family members. We also have faith and belief in God and draw a lot of inspiration from that faith even though our songs are rarely about our faith specifically.

Your upcoming album will be titled “Over the Moon” and your band name is The Icarus Account. Taking into consideration the Greek myth of Icarus, does the title have any relation to his story?

The band name obviously draws a lot of meaning from the Greek myth of Icarus, mainly as a reminder to stay humble. In terms of the name of the new album, it is just a line from one of our new songs and doesn’t really relate to the band name in any way, purely coincidence.

How is this album different than your previous albums?

We spent a lot more time experimenting with the production and instrumentation on this album than anything we have done previously. As our career has progressed I think we realized that while people like our acoustic sound, and we need to stay true to that, we also need to grow and evolve that sound to stay competitive with mainstream music production. The challenge was to find a sound that still fit us as a small duo, so that when we showed up live and played the songs acoustically, people didn’t feel like it was a watered down version of the album, yet we needed a recording that was dynamic enough and had enough going on instrumentally that new listeners didn’t just hear it as an acoustic version of a song, but rather a full production. It took a lot of trial and error to achieve that sound but I think for the most part we succeeded.

What are your plans after the album has been released?

We plan to release a series of music videos to support the new album and then we are going to start touring a lot in the fall (September 2016).
Where do you dream to tour?
Anywhere with a sold out crowd singing along!

And finally, I have to ask about the beards! How long did it take you to grow yours (Ty) and are you (Trey) planning on growing it as long as your brother’s? Also any beard maintenance tips for anyone trying to grow theirs out?

We both started growing our beards out in November of 2014. I (Trey) like to keep mine trimmed tight to my face cause it starts looking weird and curly when it gets to long. I only grow facial hair around the edges of my face so I look like I’m Amish or something when I don’t keep it trimmed neatly. Ty trims his up a bit as well to keep a proper shape but he obviously lets it go a lot longer/bigger than mine. Hahah as far as beard maintenance tips go, beard oil is very good to help keep the hair from getting too brittle and to prevent your skin from getting too dry. The best tip I can give for growing a beard though is just persistence. Honestly we both have pretty young faces when we don’t shave and neither of us thought we could grow a great beard (I still wouldn’t classify mine as a great beard) but after several months of letting it go it became pretty legit. Just keep letting it grow and eventually all of your patchiness will get covered up and you’ll look awesome (though your grandparents will probably hate it).

Order their new album on iTunes here!

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