If you’re looking for a new alternative band to listen to, look no further – The Hunna are probably just the sound you’re searching for.

The Hunna are a four-piece band from Hertfordshire, England, made up of Ryan Potter (lead singer), Dan Dorney (lead guitarist), Jermaine Angin (bass guitarist) and Jack Metcalfe (drummer). They swiftly built up a good local reputation soon after forming, before working with producer Tim Larcombe to then go on and record their debut single “Bonfire” – followed by “She’s Casual“.

Since both these singles were released in October 2015, The Hunna have continued to grow in popularity as a band, having released more material and are touring late summer this year. Certainly ones to look out for, they have a great sound which could appeal to a much wider audience than they’ve reached so far.

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