INTERVIEW : Ded Rabbit

Since I started Turtle Tempo in April, It’s no secret that Ded Rabbit have been my very own personal favourite discovery out of the 100+ artists that we’ve covered so far. So I was pretty intrigued to dig deeper into the quartet of brothers.

How would you describe your music in three words?

I would describe our music as fun, energetic, rock.

The name Ded Rabbit, how did that come about?

Our name (Ded Rabbit) comes from the Irish gang ‘Dead Rabbits’ because of our Irish heritage we felt it fit our band well.

At what point did you all decide, ‘hey let’s start a band’? Was it always the plan?

When we were younger we used to play Led Zeppelin and Chili Peppers covers, one day we just decided to write our own material and we loved it.

Your music has evolved into some pieces of real excellence in a short space of time. If you had to pick a favourite song of your own, what would it be?

My favourite song at the moment would be “Never Gonna Learn” just because it is so fun to play live and always gets people dancing.

Does the whole writing process take a long time when writing your music? (Being all brothers!)

The writing process is fairly quick, either one of us will take a song structure to a practice or we’ll just jam out a tune in 10 mins.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Our plans for the rest of the year are to carry on writing and recording new material, also to tour the UK and Europe.

If you could play at anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It would probably be somewhere cool like Iceland. Australia would also be pretty sweet.

Finally, (and most importantly) who’s going to win the Euros this year?

We’ve all taken part in a Euro draw, Eugene got Czech, Eoin got Italy, Donal got Germany and I got England. Have to say it’s probably going to be Germany though.

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