Kyko is the new musical creation of young South-Londoner, Scott Verrill. With his love of songwriting and production, he excels in presenting a ‘tropical indie-pop’ vibe, allowing any listener to be immediately transported to a beach festival at sundown, doused in that soft-orange glow.

In his latest single, ‘Native’, his lyrics capture that all too familiar feeling of wondering where we belong and wanting to be free. What makes this track so easy to love is the backing vocals that any audience can pick up within no time, forming that sensation of unity that all concert-goers have a lust for: “I’m no native, I’m no native here.” The verse teases you with a layer of distant vocals and staccato guitar until the chorus provides the anticipated release that lets you know this song is a pure feel-good tune.

I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing Kyko perform in Manchester as a support act for X Ambassadors on their UK tour back in February. Not only did his music go straight onto my summer playlist but I felt as if the performance was a shared experience between artist and audience, a night that will always be appreciated on both sides of the barrier for years to come.

After spotting Kyko afterwards to say thank you, I left the venue with a new-found love and respect for this artist. I hope big things are going to happen for him, definitely one to look out for.

‘Native’ is available to download from iTunes now. Kyko’s next live performance will be at the 110 Above (previously Lainfest) music festival later this year.

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