Whether you are revising for your exams, chilling out in your back garden/local park, or you can’t get to sleep at night, you need a calming and relaxing soundtrack to help you. Yuuca are the perfect band for you. Their sound is smooth with soft guitar riffs, faint drums and lyrics that soothe your ears. All of them fit so well together.

Originating from Brisbane, Australia the band first released their début single ‘Breathe’ to the world using their Soundcloud account which has racked up over seventy thousand listens within the first year. Later releasing ‘Melt’ ‘Melt 2’ and most recently ‘Into Deep’ which have all found their place on my playlist.


I hope you get hooked on them like I have. Keep up to date with Yuuca with their latest posts and music on their Spotify, Soundcloud, and Twitter.



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