ALBUM REVIEW : ‘Cut And Paste’ by Oscar

Oscar, lead by frontman Oscar Scheller has caught my eye over the last month with a plethora of appearances on MTV with his stunning first album ‘Cut and Paste’ (released on 13th May).

The reason this artist caught my eye in particular is because his deep, hazy voice paired with his uplifting and refreshing lyrics is a complete contrast to any other artist I have listened to, both recently and in quite a while.

Oscar’s album offers a variety of styles ranging from the upbeat, heavy electric sound that is presented in ‘Sometimes’ to the more relaxed, laid back feel, featured on songs such as ‘Gone Forever’ and ‘Only Friend’ which creates an overall relaxing atmosphere for the listener of this album with elements of surprise which would be perfect for that chilled out summer which is on the horizon.

I discovered Oscar by chance, one morning on ‘MTV Rocks’ and he has not failed to disappoint me since with his creativity, style and sound. I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a change of style or a hint of individuality in their playlists. Oscar is touring the United Kingdom towards the end of 2016 and I highly suggest seeing him live to gain the true Oscar Scheller experience.

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  1. Very good review… adequate use of grammar and wide range of vocab. When reading this response I was unsure on whether it was about Oscar the grouch or Oscar Wilde… haha LOL. Good job Dominic Charles

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