This four-piece, all-male alternative/indie band from the East Midlands, don’t just let you listen to their music, they make you experience. Whether you’re listening on Spotify or seeing them live, you’ll just have the urge to dance to their original songs – that are so easy to listen to you’ll feel like you’re a lifetime listener by the second chorus. 

Their latest track ‘Turn Around’ personifies just how talented they are as a band. With distinctive vocals delivering a flawless, easy to listen to song this is by far one of my favourite songs, not just of theirs, but in general! Not only is this song a pleasure to listen to whilst doing work, but if you have the opportunity to see them live I strongly recommend.

Not only do they play music, they’re pro’s at interacting with the crowd. They easily turn a shy crowd into a pumped up, dancing audience. I’ve seen this band play twice now, only as support acts, and both times they’ve changed the atmosphere completely leave the main performing band an ecstatic horde of listens.

Their newest track “Apollo” which I promise will be of this world (cheesy, I know) is one to listen to! If you’re from the Midlands area, pop up to Nottingham on the 19th of June to Rough Trade to see a FREE gig for their song release

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