NEW MUSIC : ‘Into the Unknown’ by RÉN

RÉN, an upcoming pop/indie musician, is quickly gaining popularity. It’d be a shame if you were to miss out on her music in the beginning of her journey to fame. Very little of her is found on the internet, making her quite a mysterious musician, but undoubtedly one to keep an eye on.

Out of the three total tracks on her Soundcloud, with the prior two released around a year ago, you can see the change in rhythm. The first two tracks, “Time” and “Sunflowers in the Sky” were much more ambient and soothing. Her most recent upload, “Into the Unknown”,  uploaded only two weeks ago, will get you to kick back, relax, and take in all the good vibes RÉN has sent your way.

Fans of The 1975 will be sure to love this track, as around the chorus, listeners will definitely get the feel of their music’s sound.

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